Inventories of the Orphan Chamber
of the Cape of Good Hope

Transcribing the inventories - a personal experience

Members of the TEPC team of transcribers and editors write about their own experience of working on the inventories and explain what holds their interest.

TEPC transcription team
The TEPC transcription team in the Reading Room, 2006:
From left to right: Helena Liebenberg, Annemarie Krzesinski, Fiona Clayton, Kobus Faasen and
Erika van As.
Front: Maureen Rall and Illona Meyer.


Into Cape homes of the 17th and 18th century
Present in the past
Transcriptions are like puzzles
Rendezvous in Roelandstraat
Hidden lives revealed
Home remedies echoing the past
Dutch, Afrikaans and the Inventories



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