Introduction to the Resolutions
of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope


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The Introduction was written in Afrikaans by Dr. Helena Liebenberg of Cape Town who has also done the English translation.

You can download the Introduction to the Resolutions to your PC as PDF-file and make a printout.

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A map of Isaac Tirion dated 1730 shows the names of places and indigenous peoples of South Africa at that time.


  The Resolutions
  Context: History of the Cape of Good Hope
  Searches in the Resolutions
Resolutions of the Council of Policy
  Example of a Council meeting
  Structure of Council meeting minutes
  Origin of the text
  Language of the Resolutions
  Making the Resolutions available in printed format
  Making the Resolutions available in digital format
  Transcription and editing policy
Source guide
  Main Sources
  Printed sources
  Internet addresses
    South Africa
    The Netherlands and other places
History of the Cape of Good Hope
  A Portuguese discovers the sea route from Europe to India
  The Cape and the establishment of the VOC
  The Dutch and English together in Table Bay
  A small Dutch fort in 1647
  In 1651 the first Resolutions were recorded at sea
  VOC governing structures at the Cape
    The Council of Policy
    Designations of functionaries
    VOC Commanders and Governors of the Cape of Good Hope
    Proclamations, regulations (statutes) and ordinances
    Local government
  Inhabitants of the Cape of Good Hope
    Indigenous peoples
    VOC officials
    Prisoners and bandits
    Political exiles and others
  Place names in the Resolutions
    The Cape of Good Hope
    Place names of Khoi origin
    Places named after members of the Council of Policy
    A few place names from the East
  Shipping along the Cape route
  Expeditions to other regions of Southern Africa
    Journeys mentioned in the Resolutions
    VOC trading post/fort at Rio de la Goa , Mozambique (1720-1729)
  British take-over of the Cape of Good Hope



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