Introduction to the Resolutions
of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope

Places named after members of the Council of Policy

A number of towns in the former Cape Colony were named after members of the Council of Policy and/or family members. These place names still exist and form part of the South African name heritage. Where possible, the first time a particular place name appears in the Resolutions the context, date and volume number are provided.

  • Riebeek-Kasteel (Riebeekscasteel, 13.3.1701, C. 24) [Riebeek’s Castle] is the name of a mountain that was named in honour of Jan van Riebeeck on 3 February 1661 by Pieter Cruythoff and the members of his expedition.
  • Stellenbosch (Stellenbos, 27.10.1681, C. 15) was named in 1679 by Simon van der Stel after himself and the “Wilde Bosch” [wild forest] there. In 1685 the village was founded.
  • The Drakenstein region (25.12.1687, C. 19) was named in October 1687 in honour of the High Commissioner, Hendrik Adriaan van Rheede tot Drakenstein, who had visited the Cape two years previously. In 1687 Governor Simon van der Stel opened this region to farmers.
  • The region Land van Waveren (13.4.1711, C. 28) was named in 1699 by Willem Adriaan van der Stel in honour of the Oetgens van Waveren family, from which his mother was descended. Before this date, but also subsequent to it, the region had also been known as Roodezand (Roodesand, 1.6.1698, C. 23) [red sand]. The region corresponds to the present Tulbagh district, named after Governor Ryk Tulbagh.
  • Swellendam (25.6.1748, C. 126) situated in the South Cape was named in October 1747 after Governor Hendrik Swellengrebel (1700-1760) and his wife, Helena ten Damme.
  • While on his journey to the interior Governor Joachim van Plettenberg named Plettenbergbaai (Plettenbergs baaij, 17.6.1785, C. 168) in September 1778 after himself.
  • Graaff-Reinet (Graaff Rijnet, 13.12.1785, C. 169) situated in the Eastern Cape, was named in 1786 by Landdrost Woeke in honour of Governor Jacobus van der Graaff and his wife, Reinet.
  • Gordon's Bay was named after Colonel Robert Jakob Gordon, who arrived at the Cape in 1777 as captain and later took charge of the garrison.


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