CV Prof. Dr. ZHUANG, Guotu


Personal Details

Date of Birth 28 December 1952
Place of Birth Fujian, China
Nationality Chinese


Xiamen University, China

Period 1989
Degree Ph.D.
Subject History

Xiamen University, China

Period 1982
Degree Master of Arts
Subject History

Work Experience


Board member of Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, China


Member of Academic Committee of Xiamen University, China


President of China Society for Southeast Asian Studies


Vice-President of China Society for World Ethnicity Studies


Vice-President of China Society for Overseas Chinese Studies


Vice-President of China Society for History of Sino-Foreign Country Relations

1996-present Dean of Research School of Southeast Asian Studies in Xiamen University, and the director of the National Key Institute of Southeast Asian, China
1996-present Professor and supervisor of Ph.D. courses in Xiamen University, China
1992-present Member of Board of Directors, International Society for Studies of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO)
March-June 2002 Visiting Professor in City University of New York, U.S.A
April-June 2001 Guest Professor in City University, Hong Kong
Mar-June 2000 Guest Professor in Tung Hai University, Taiwan
March-June 1998 Guest Professor in Chi-nan International University, Taiwan
May-June 1997 Visiting professor in Oriental University of Naples in Italy
1990-1993 Associate Professor in Research School of Southeast Asian Studies in Xiamen University, China
1982-1989 Lecturer in Research School of Southeast Asian Studies in Xiamen University, China


July-August1997 Senior Fellow in International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), The Netherlands
1992-1993 Residence Fellow in Netherlands Institute for Advance Studies (NIAS), The Netherlands
1986-1988 Visiting scholar in the Institute for History of European Expansion in Leiden University, The Netherlands

Selected Publications

Changing Social Status of Ethnic Chinese Group in Southeast Asia since World War II. Xiamen University Press 2003.

Relations between China and the Chinese overseas. Guangdong High-education Press 2001.

New Studies on Chinese overseas and China. (Editor), IIAS, Leiden 2000.

Ethnic Chinese at Turn of Centuries. (Editor), Fujian People Press 1998.

Sino-Holland Trade and Chinese in Batavia. (Translator), Guangxi People Press 1997.

Tea, Silver, Opium and Silver. Xiamen University Press 1993.

Social Status of Chinese in Holland. (Translator), Academia Sinica, Taiwan 1991.

History of Sino-Netherlands Relations. (Translator), Otto Cramwinckel Uitgever, Amsterdam 1989. (In Chinese)

Chinese Government's Policies towards Chinese before 1911. Xiamen University Press 1989. (In Chinese).

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