CV Dr. Mansur Sefatgol


Personal Details

Date of Birth 23 April 1961
Place of Birth Zabol, Iran
Nationality Iranian


University of Tehran, Iran

Period 1994-1998
Degree Ph.D.

Tarbiyat Modarres University of Tehran, Iran

Period 1990-1994
Degree Mater of Arts

University of Mashhad, Iran

Period 1985-1989
Degree Bachelor of Arts

Academic position

Associate Professor of History of Iran

Areas of specialization

Iranian history in the 16th to 18th centuries, especially history of Safavid Iran


Visiting fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies,University of Bristol, England, 1999

Editorial Membership

Regional member of editorial board of International Journal of Asian Studies. Oriental Institute, University of Tokyo, Japan
Member of editorial board and managing editor of the journal of Tarikh (History), bulletin of the Department of History, University of Tehran

Selected Publications


Mir`t-I Varida, the history of the Safavid`s fall, its consequences and the rule of Malik Mahmud Sistani). By Muhammad Shafi` Tehrani. Introduced, edited, and annotated by Mansur Sefatgol. Miras-I Maktub, Tehran. 2004.

Religious institution and thought during the Safavid Iran, the history of the development of the religious structure in Iran 16th-18th Centuries. Rasa Publications, Tehran, 2002. (In Persian).

Historiography and study of history.(Co-authored). Tehran, 2002.

The rise and rule of Tamerlane. (Translation from English). Rasa Publications,Tehran,1997.

Articles in English

"Majmu`ah ha: important and unknown sources of historiography of Iran during the last Safavids-the case of Majmu`ah Mirza Muina." In Persian Documents, Social history of Iran and Turan in the fifteenth - nineteenth centuries. Edited by Kondo Nobuaki. RoutledgeCurzon. 2003.

"Safavid administration of Avqaf: structure, changes and functions, 1077-1135/1666-1722."
In Andrew J. Newman Brill (ed.), Society and Culture in the Early Modern Middle East Studies on Iran in the Safavid Period. 2003.

"The question of Awqaf under the Afsharid (1735-1803/1148-1218): Safavid heritage and Nadir Shah's Measures." In Mat�riaux Pour L' Histoire Economique Du Monde Iranien.Text R�unis Par.Rika Gyselen et Maria Szuppe. Association pour L'Avancement Des Etudes Iraniennes, Paris. 1999.

Articles in Persian

"Social attitudes in the Afsharid historical writing: the case of Alam Ara-ye Naderi." Proceeding of the Prof. Ehsan Eshraghi Anniversary. Qazvin. 2002.

"Professor Hairi and cultural historical writing: pre-Qajar period." Khodagahi VaTarikhpezhuhi. Tehran, 2001.

"Historiography of Qum during the Naseri period." (Translation). Ganjine-ye Shahab, vol.2. Qum, 2001.

"An Introduction to the views of the Iranian historians towards Sistan: From the Safavid to the Qajar Period." Ketab-e Mah. Special issue on local history of Iran, vols. 44-45. Tehran. 2001.

"New history of Yazd." By Isabel Miler (transl. Mansur Sefatgol). Ketab-e Mah. Special issue on local history of Iran, vols. 46-47. Tehran. 2001.

"Structure, Function and Changes in the Office of Sadarat during the Safavid Period." Tarikh, Bulletin of Department of History. University of Tehran, vol.2 / no2. Tehran. 2001.

"An introduction to sources on the religious research in the Safavid period." Ketab-e Mah. Special issues on Safavid Studies. Tehran. 2000.

"Mer`at-e Waredat: A new discovered manuscript on the collapse of the Safavid dynasty preserved in Bodelian Library, Oxford." Ayene-ye Mirath. 3 / 2-3.Tehran. 2000.

"Iranian studies in the great project of the Japanies scholars: Islamic Era Studies." Ketab-e Mah. Special issue on Japan, vol. 5 / no. 8-9. Tehran. 2001.

"Religion and society during the Qajar Iran." (Review). Ketab-e Ma, no.36. Tehran. 2000.

"Safavid studies of Prof. Abd Al-Hairi." Ketab-e Mah, vol.2 / no.10. Tehran. 1999.

"An introduction to the Zand religious structure." Farsshenakht, Journal of the fars studies foundation, 1 / vol.1. Shiraz. 1998.

"Iranian historiography from Dar al-Funun to the fall of the Qajar." Daneshgah-e Enghelab, vol.112. Tehran. 1998.

"Historical research quarterly: A special journal of historical studies." Ketab-e Ma, vol.2 / no.1. Tehran. 1998.

"The third Safavid international round table: University of Edinbourgh, Scotland." Ketab-e Mah, vol.1 / no.12. Tehran. 1998.

"The history and doctrine of the Ismailis: A review." Ketab-e Mah, vol.1 / no.1. Tehran. 1997.

"Sistan rutes: An unknown manuscript belonging to the Qajar period." (Ed.). Mrath-e Islami-ye Iran, vol 6. Qum. 1997.

"Safavid essays in Mirath-e Islami-ye Iran." Ketab-e Mah. Journal of historical reviews 1 / vol.2. Tehran, 1996.

"John Chardin`s views of Iran." Ketab-e Mah. Journal of historical reviews 1 / vol.6-7. Tehran. 1996.

"The fall of the Afsharid state in Khorasan and the latest conflicts with Qajars." Farhang quarterly of the human sciences researches institution, 9 / vol.3. Tehran. 1995.

"Critical notes on the recent edition of Safvat al-Safa." Ayene-ye Pezhuhes, 7/vol.6. Qum. 1995.

"Azadi." By Abdul Hadi Hairi.(Translated from English by Mansur Sefatgol). Ganjine-ye Asnad. Vol.3 / no. 2-3. Tehran.1993.

"Abu Ali Damghani." The Greater Islamic Encyclopaedia, vol.6. Tehran, 1992.

"Constitutional revolution of Iran and Adib al-Mulk-e Farahani." Faslname-ye Mutale`at-e Tarikh 4 / vols.1-2. Mashad. 1991.

"Ibn Vazir." The Greater Islamic Encyclopaedia, vol.5, Tehran. 1990.

"Historians and Sociologists the dialogue of the Deaf." The Historical Research Quarterly vol.2 / no.1. Mashad. 1990.

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