CV Dr. Ruby Maloni


Personal Details

Date of Birth 16 September 1953
Place of Birth Darbhanga, Bihar, India
Nationality Indian


University of Mumbai, India

Period 1987
Degree Ph.D.
Subject History
Thesis title A Critical Study of Surat Factory Records - Letters and Diary (1630-1668)

Bombay Teachers Training College, University of Bombay, India

Period 1976-1977
Degree Bachelor of Education
Subject History and English

Department of History, University of Mumbai, India

Period 1974-1976
Degree Master of Arts
Subject History

University of Calcutta, India

Period 1970-1973
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Subject History

Areas of specialization

Medieval India's socio-economic history
Indian Ocean and history of maritime trade
History of U.S.A.

Work Experience

1997-present Reader, Department of History, University of Mumbai, India
1985-1997 Lecturer, Department. of History, University of Mumbai, India

Membership of Professional Bodies

Indian History Congress (Executive Committee Member)
Bombay History Teachers' Academy (Vice President)
The Heras Society of Historical Research
Maritime History Society, Bombay
The Asiatic Society of Bombay
Bombay Local History Society

Academic Presentations

"Dutch decline and battle of Kollachel."Seminar on Maritime History of India, INS Angre, Indian Navy, Mumbai. October 2002.

"Gujarat's trade with West Asia." Indian History Congress, 64th Session, Mysore. December 2003.

"Surat to Bombay: transfer of commercial power." Indian History Congress, Bhopal. December 2001.

"17th century merchant capital: The case study of Surat." National Seminar on Indian Business in Pre-Colonial & Colonial India, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. March 2002.

"Commercial transition from Surat to Bombay." Annual Seminar on Maritime History Society, Mumbai. September 2001.

"Cochin: Jewel of the Malabar." Indian Navy, Southern Command, Cochin. September 2001.

"Gender discrimination in research in Canada and India." National Seminar on Social and Literary Issues in Canada and India, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Indian Association for Canadian Studies, SNDT Women's University. February 2001.

"India's strategic culture in the context of medieval India." Indian History Congress, 61st Session, Kolkata. January 2001.

"Indo Iran commercial relations." International Seminar on Cultural and Civilisational Co-operation, Dept. of History, University of Mumbai and Iran Culture House, Mumbai. 2000.

"American women and the welfare state." National Seminar on American History, Culture and Society, Dept. of History, University of Pune. October 1999.

"Seventeenth century merchant communities of Persia and Gujarat: A commonality of interests." Seminar on Communities, Identities & Social Change, Dept. of History, M.S. University of Baroda. March 1998.

"The historical context of India's strategy and culture." Seminar on Strategy at Century's End: Responses to Global Change, Dept. of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai. March 1997.

"The New Deal." Workshop on American History, Dept. of History, University of Mumbai, USIS and History Teachers' Academy. March 1997.

"Medieval India's links with Persia."U.G.C.  Special Assistance Program, Dept. of History, Patna University. February., 1997.

"William Carey in Bengal." Conference on Christian Missionaries in India, Dept. of History, University of Bombay and American Studies Research Centre , Hyderabad. 1995.

"Foreign coins in Surat: The account of seventeenth century travellers." 4th International Colloquium on Foreign Coins in the Indian Sub-Continent at the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies, Nashik, 1995.

"Surat in the seventeenth century: The Account of Travellers." U.G.C. Seminar on The Socio-Cultural History of Western India, at the Post-Graduate Department of History, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Bombay, 1994.

"The Projection of Women by Television Media." National Conference on Women's Studies, Jadavpur University. Calcutta 1991.

"Commodity composition of trade - Surat in the seventeenth century." Seminar on Social. Economic and Political Developments in Western India from the 16th to 19th Centuries." U.G.C. Special Assistance Program, Department of History, M.S. University of Baroda. 1988.

"Private trade in Surat, 1630-70." Indian History Congress, 43rd Session, Kurukshetra, 1982.

"Trends of a money economy - Surat in the seventeenth century." I.C.H.R. Regional Seminar on Western India: State, Economy and Society, 1600-1900. Department of History, University of Bombay, 1988.

"Dutch activities on the West Coast of India in the 18th century."I.C.H.R. Seminar on Western India in the 18th and 19th Century. Department of History, University of Bombay, 1981.

"A critical study of Surat factory records - letters and diary, 1630-68." Indian History Congress, 41st Session, Bombay 1980.

Selected Publications


Surat: port of the Mughal Empire. Himalaya Publishers, Mumbai. 2003.

With Mariam Dossal (eds.), State intervention and popular response: Western India in the 19th Century. Popular Prakashan, Mumbai. 1998.

European merchant capital and the Indian economy: Surat factory records, 1630-1668. Manohar Publishers, New Delhi. 1992.


"Dutch decline and the battle of Kollachel." Journal of Maritime History Society, Mumbai. 2003.

Book Review of Satish Chandra�s Parties and politics at the Mughal court. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai. Bicentenary Issue, vols. 77-78. 2003.

"Shipbuilding in Western India in ,medieval times." In B. Aruachalan, (ed.), Essays in Maritime Studies, vol. II, Mumbai. 2002.

With Dr. Refaqat Ali Khan, "Transmission of science and technology to India from Iran 1200-1526 A.D. "In Indo-Iran relations: Civilisational and cultural co-operation. Mumbai, 2002.

"Indo-Iran Relations : An Overview." In Indo-Iran Relations : Civilisational and Cultural Co-operation, Mumbai. 2002.

"Surat to Bombay: Transfer of commercial power." Itinerario, European Journal of Overseas History, vol. xxvi, Leiden. 2002.

"The monetary realm of 17th century Surat." In Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 63rd Session, Amritsar, 2002.

"The Surat mint (16th-18th centuries)." In A. Jha, (ed.), Medieval Indian coinages: A historical and economic perspective. Fifth International Colloquium, Nashik. 2001.

Book review of Fatima da Silva Gracias�Health and hygiene in colonial Goa. In Indian Historical Review, vol.xxv, no.1, New Delhi. 1999.

"Western India�s maritime trade in the 17th century." In A. Mukherjee, ed., Studies in India�s maritime trade through the ages. Institute of Historical Studies, Calcutta. 1999.

Book review of R.K. Kaul�s Nirad C. Chaudhari, The Renaissance Man. In Indian Book Chronicle, vol . xxiv, no.12, Jaipur. 1999.

"Satyendranath Tagore�s �Bombai Chitra�": Bombay presidency in the nineteenth century." In M. Dossal and Ruby Maloni, (eds.), State Intervention and Popular Response. Mumbai. 1998.

"Surat in the seventeenth century: level of urban development." In Gita Bajpai and Hasan Mahmud (eds.), Studies in social and economic change in Western India. Baroda, 1997.

"Western India�s maritime trade with Persia in the seventeenth century." Journal of Historical Studies, no.3, Patna University. 1997.

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"Some glimpses of Indian maritime history." Hands Call, Journal of Western Naval Command. 1993.

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"Intra-European rivalries in the Indian Ocean Trade, 1630-68." In Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, vol. 1, 47th Session, Srinagar. 1986.

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