Curriculum Vitae  Prof. Nguyen Quang Ngoc


Personal Details


Date of Birth September 14, 1952
Place of Birth Hai Phong, Vietnam
Nationality Vietnamese



Hanoi University, Vietnam

Period 2000
Degree Ph.D.
Subject History


Hanoi University, Vietnam

Period 1988
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Subject History


Areas of specialization

Pre-modern Vietnamese History.
Vietnamese Villages (from traditional to contemporary).

Work and Professional Experience


June 2004-present President of Historian Association of Hanoi
May 2004-present Director, Institute of Vietnamese Studies and Development Sciences, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
2003-2004 Director of Center for Vietnamese Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
2002-2003 Vice Director of Center for Vietnamese Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
1998-2004 Vice President of Historian Association of Hanoi.
1996-2004 Dean of Faculty of History, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University.
1993 Head of Department of Pre-modern Vietnamese History


Selected Publications

Seaport system in eleventh-nineteenth centuries northern coast of Vietnam (Head, Vietnam National University Project) 2004-2005.

The history of Vietnam. (Head, National Project) 2001-2004

(ed.) Monograph of Nam Dinh province. Hanoi, 2004.

Vietnamese villages: from a historical view. Hanoi, 2004.

(ed.) Evolution of Vietnamese history. Hanoi, 2003.

(ed.) Social structure changing process through history in Vietnam. Hanoi, 1998.

On some trading villages in the Red River Delta in the 18th and 19th centuries. Hanoi, 1993.

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