Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. Peter Rietbergen

Dr. Peter Rietbergen (1950) spent his undergraduate and graduate years at the universities of Nijmegen and Paris, and was a vice-director of the Dutch Institute in Rome. Since 1992, he has held the Stichting Nijmeegs UniversiteitsFonds SNUF-chair in the ’History of the relations between Europe and the non-European world’, at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. As of 2001, he also is full professor of cultural history, there. He has been a fellow of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, NIAS, and of the University of London Institute of Advanced Studies.

His Ph.D-thesis on the seventeenth-century papacy, Pausen, prelaten, bureaucraten, was published in Nijmegen in 1983. In 1987, he wrote De eerste landvoogd: Pieter Both (Zutphen 1987, 2 volumes), the first biography of the first governor-general of the Dutch East Indies. In 1993, his Geschiedenis van Nederland in vogelvlucht (Amersfoort 1993) was published; he also wrote an English version, A Short History of the Netherlands (Amersfoort 1993, 2000). His collection of essays, Dromen van Europa (Amersfoort 1994), outlines, among other things, the prime importance of the relations between Europe and the America’s. His Europe. A cultural history (London 1998) has been translated in, among other languages, Chinese. In 2003 he published De retoriek van de Eeuwige stad: Rome gelezen (Nijmegen 2003) and Japan verwoord. Nihon door Nederlandse ogen, 1600-1800 (Amstedam 2003). Besides some 100 scholarly articles, he also wrote - as Nicolaas Berg - a historical novel, Dood op Deshima (Amsterdam 2001), set in Japan in the mid-seventeenth century.

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