CV Prof. Dr. Nira Kinjit Wickramasinghe


Personal Details

Date of Birth 8 May 1964
Place of Birth Colombo, Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan / French


University of Oxford, St Antony�s College, United Kingdom

Period 1989
Degree D.Phil.
Subject Modern History
Thesis Ethnic Politics and the Minorities in Ceylon (1927-1947)

Universite de Paris IV-Sorbonne, France

Period 1986
Degree Diplome d�Etudes Approfondies (D.E.A.)
Subject History - Mention Tres Bien

Universite de Paris IV-Sorbonne, France

Period 1985
Degree Maitrise (M.A)
Subject History - Mention Tres Bien

Universite de Paris IV-Sorbonne, France

Period 1984
Degree Licence (B.A. Hons)
Subject History

Work Experience

September 2003-present University of Colombo, Professor, Department of History and International Relations
September 1990 � 2003 Senior Lecturer, Department of History and International Relations

Other Professional Experience

  Life Member of the Royal Asiatic Society - Ceylon Branch
2003-present Member of the �Respect for Diversity� national panel, Educational Publications Department,  in respect of school textbooks
2003 Commonwealth Education Fund: committee Member, Sri Lanka
1998-present Committee Member of the Oxford Society, Ceylon Branch
1994-1995 Secretary of the Sri Lanka Historical Association
1993 Committee Member - the 4th Sri Lanka Studies Conference

Fellowships and Awards

2004 University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts Research Award.
2003-2004 Fulbright-Hays Senior Scholarship at the International Center for Advanced Studies, New York University for a period of nine months.
2001-2002 SEPHIS fellowship: the South-South Exchange Programme for Research on the History of Development (SEPHIS) fellowship (based at the University of Amsterdam) to undertake the translation from English to French of my book Dressing the Colonised Body. The translated book will be published at Karthala Press, Paris.
April-May 1998 EHESS visiting professorship at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France: lectures were given at the Institut des Langues Orientales, the Institut de Sciences Politiques and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
1998 World Bank Robert Mc Namara Fellowship: among the 20 selected after a world wide competition to undertake research on the theme of NGOs and Development.
1996-1997 SEPHIS post-doctoral to undertake research on �Dress and Colonialism�. The outcome of this research is my 2003 book Dressing the Colonised Body.
1996 Kodikara Award from the Regional Centre for Strategic Studies: my research on Humanitarian Relief Agencies and Challenges to Sovereignty, was published by the Center as RCSS Policy Studies.
July 1994 ACUNS Fellowship: residential workshop on International Organization at Brown University, Providence, USA, jointly sponsored by the Academic Council of the United Nations System and the American Society of International Law.
January-June 1993 Full Fellowship on the US Foreign Policy Process, at the School of Public Affairs University of Maryland.
1990 Fellowship �Jeunes Chercheurs� of the Centre de l� Inde et de L�Asie du Sud. The Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales awarded me a research grant  to undertake research on a Geography of Caste in Sri Lanka based on A.C. Lawrie�s Gazetteer.
1986-1987 Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) at University of Oxford.

Selected Publications

Books and Books Monographs 

Dressing the Colonised Body: Politics, Clothing and Identity in Colonial Sri Lanka. New Delhi: Orient Longman Publ.. 2003. Pp. 157.

Civil Society in Sri Lanka. New Circles of Power, New Delhi, London. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publ.. 2001. Pp. 186.

History Writing: New Trends and Methodologies. Colombo. 2001. Pp. 98.

"Humanitarian Relief Organisations and Challenges to Sovereignty: the Case of Sri Lanka." Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) Policy Studies 1. 1997. Pp 51.

Ethnic Politics in Colonial Sri Lanka 1927-1947. New Delhi: Vikas Publ. 1995.Pp. 289.

Edited Books and Journals

(with Radhika Coomaraswamy) Introduction to Social Theory. New Delhi :Konark Publ. 1994. Pp. 147.

(with Regi Siriwardena) South Asia Bulletin, (Special Issue on Society and Culture in Sri Lanka) Vol. XII, No. 1, 1992.

Chapters in Books

"The Return of Keppetipola's Cranium: The Construction of Nationalism in Sri Lankan Nationalism." In Gyanendra Pandey and Peter Geshiere (eds.), The Forging of Nationhood, New Delhi: Manohar & SEPHIS. 2003. Pp. 129-156.

"From Hybridity to Authenticity: the Biography of a few Kandyan Things." In Neluka Silva (ed.), The Hybrid Island. Culture Crossings and the Invention of Identity in Sri Lanka. London: Zed Publ. and Colombo: SSA. 2002. Pp. 71-92.

"Migration and Migrant Communities in early twentieth century Sinhala Nationalism." in Crispin Bates (ed.), Community, Empire and Migration: South Asians in Diaspora. London: Palgrave. 2000. Pp. 153-184.

"L'Histoire en dehors de la nation." In M.Diouf (ed.), L'Historiographie indienne en debat. Colonialisme, nationalisme et societes postcoloniales. Paris: Karthala-Sephis. 1999. Pp.419-432.

"Sri Lanka: The Many Faces Of Security." In Muthiah Alagappa (ed.) Asian Security Practice: Material and Ideational Influences. Stanford CA: Stanford University Press. 1998. Pp. 367-389.

"Governance: A Critique." In M. Somasundram (ed.), The Third Wave. Governance and Public Administration in Sri Lanka. New Delhi: Konark Publ. 1997. Pp. 129-144.

"From Human Rights to Good Governance: the Aid Regime in the 1990s." In Mortimer Sellers (ed.), Human Rights, Sovereignty and the Self-determination of Peoples. Oxford and Providence: Berg Press. 1996. Pp. 305-326.

"New History and the Annales School." In Radhika Coomaraswamy and Nira Wickramasinghe (eds.) Introduction to Social Theory. New Delhi: Konark Publ.. 1994. Pp. 37-51.

Articles in Refereed Journals

"A Comment on 'African Modes of Self-writing'." Identity, Culture and Politics. Vol.2, No. 1. Jan. 2001. Pp. 40-45.

"Sur la trace de la chaussure traditionelle au Sri Lanka." La Chaussure, Revue de l'Institut de Calceologie, No.6. 1998. Pp. 40-45.

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"Divide and Rule in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) during the period of Transfer of Power." University of Colombo Review, Special Issue, Tikiri Abeyasinghe Commemoration Volume V, No. 10. Dec. 1991, Pp. 75-92.

"Race and the Colonial Sociology in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)." Ethnic Studies Report, Vol. VII, No. 2. July 1990. Pp.14-26.

Book Reviews in Refereed Journals

P. Parthasarti, The Transition to a Colonial Economy: Weavers, Merchants and Kings in South Asia 1720-1800. In Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, New Series, Vol. XLV. 2002. Pp. 201-204.

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Research Publications in Non-refereed Journals

"Can Governance make sense for Women in South Asia." Nethra, Vol. 5, Nos 3 & 4. July 2002-March 2003. Pp. 68-77.

"The Advent of the Sewing Machine." Options, No 31. 3rd Quarter 2002. Pp. 13-15.

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Book Review: K.N. Chaudhuri, Asia Before Europe, Economy and Civilisation of the Indian Ocean from the Rise of Islam to 1750, CUP, 1990. Pravada, Vol 1, No 2. Jan. 1992. Pp. 34-35.

Creative Work

Article on Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Encyclopaedia Universalis, Universalia 2001, Paris. 2001. Pp. 413-414.

"Separatisme Tamoule- Sri Lanka." Encyclopaedia Universalis, CDRom version 7. 2001.

"Candide Resurrected." Pravada, Vol.1, No 5. May 1992. P. 35.

Baby Blue Whale's Birthday Party. Early Learning Series, New Delhi: Orient Longman. 2003.

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