CV Prof. Dr. Barend Jan Terwiel


Personal Details

Date of Birth 24 November 1941
Place of Birth Ginneken, The Netherlands
Nationality Australian and Dutch


The Australian National University, Australia

Period 1972
Degree Ph.D.

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Period 1967
Degree Doctoral
Subject Anthropology, Pali, History of Buddhism

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Period 1965
Degree Candidate
Degree Cultural Anthropology

Professional experience

1992-present Chair for Languages and Cultures of Thailand and Laos, Asien Afrika Institut, Universit�t Hamburg, Germany
1999-2004 Holder of the Extraordinary Chair for Mainland Southeast Asia at Leiden University, the Netherlands
1999-2004 Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in G�ttingen, Germany
1999-2004 Member of the editorial board of Oriens Extremus, on the advisory boards of Semaian (Leiden) the journals Tai Culture (Seacom, Berlin) and The Indian Journal of Tai Studies
1991-1992 Professor, Institut f�r V�lkerkunde and Afrikanistik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit�t, M�nchen, Germany
1991 Reader in Asian History, Faculty of Asian Studies, the Australian National University, Australia
1982-1990 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Asian Studies, the Australian National University, Australia
1974-1981 Lecturer, Faculty of Asian Studies, the Australian National University, Australia

Selected Publications

Books and Monographs

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(with Wolfgang Michel) Engelbert Kaempfer, Heutiges Japan. Engelbert Kaempfer Werke Band 1/1 and 1/2, M�nchen, Iudicium Verlag. 2001. (my contribution is limited to chapters 1 and 2).

(with Ranoo Wichasin) Tai Ahoms and the Stars: Three Ritual Texts to Ward off Danger. SEAP, Ithaca: Cornell University. 1992. Pp. 170.

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