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Curriculum Vitae CHA, Hsin

Personal Details

Date of birth 13 July 1974
Place of birth Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality Taiwanese



Leiden University, The Netherlands

Period 2004-2007
Degree Ph.D. Candidate


Leiden University, The Netherlands

Period 2003
Degree Advanced Master


National Chi Nan University, Taiwan

Period 2001
Degree Master of Arts


National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Period 1997
Degree Bachelor of Arts


Selected Studies

"The Schools of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan under KOHMINKA Movement." Master thesis, National Chi Nan University, Nantou, Taiwan, 2001. Unpublished.

Selected Publications

"When the Unique God met Ten-no (Japanese Emperor): The Tainan Presbyterian Mission Schools under Japanese Militarism in 1930s." In From a Dangerous Study to a Famous Study: Essays presented in the Conference of Current Researches of Church History in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, 2001, edited by Chi-ping Lin, pp. 493-549. Taipei: Christian Cosmic Light, 2002.

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