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Curriculum Vitae Nirmal R. Dewasiri

Personal Details

Date of birth 18 October 1965
Place of birth Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Phone office +31 (0)71 527 2771
Fax office

+31 (0)71 527 2652

Address home 29/34 B, 5th  Lane, D.M. Colomboge Mawatha, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Mail address

P.O. Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands



Leiden University, The Netherlands

Period 2003-2006
Degree Ph.D. Candidate


Leiden University, The Netherlands

Period 2002
Degree Advanced Master


University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Period 2000
Degree M. Phil
Subject Formation of Sinhala Nationalism in Sri Lanka in the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries


American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad, India

Period May-June 1998
Subject American Civilisation and Culture


Uppsala University, Sweden

Period April-June 1994
Subject Conflict Resolution


University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Period 1991
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Subject History


Work Experience


1991-present Lecturer in History, Department of History and Political Science (currently Department of History and International Relations), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
1992-1995 Co-editor, Pravada, Sinhala semi-academic journal.
1990-1992 Assistant Editor, Uktiya, Sinhala language tabloid newspaper


Academic Presentations

"Historiography and Ethnic Identity Ideology In Contemporary Sri Lanka." The Sri Lanka Historical Association, August 1996. Unpublished. (In Sinhala).

"Ethnicity, Religious Diversity and Internal Conflicts: a Comparative analysis of Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Guatemala." Joint paper, the Advanced International Training Programme on Conflict Resolution at Uppsala University, Sweden, 1994. Unpublished. (in English).

Selected studies

"Formation of Sinhala Nationalist Ideology in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries." M. Phil thesis, the University of Colombo, 2000. Unpublished. (In English).

"Impact of Rohana Wijeweera (the charismatic leader of two armed insurrections of southern Sri Lanka) as a Political Leader- 1965-1989." BA dissertation, 1991. Unpublished. (In Sinhala)

Selected Publications

Book and Articles (in Sinhala)

"Problems of Teaching Languages in the Universities of Sri Lanka." In Sarasa No.1, Sinhala Journal of Sinhala Society of University of Colombo, 2001.

"Democracy Against Capitalism." In Manpetha, A Sinhala Quarterly Journal, No.1, March-May 1993.

"President Ranasingha Premadasa: The Person and Politics." A series of six articles, in Yukthiya, a Sinhala weekly Tabloid, May-July 1993.

"Politics of Kandalama and Capital: A review of the Campaign against the Construction of a Tourist Hotel on the Bund of the Kandalama Tank."With Jayadeva Uyangoda, in Pravada, a Sinhala Bi-Monthly Journal, July-August 1992.

To Escape from the Trap of War- an Analysis of the War, Ethnic Conflict and Related Issues. Inter-Ethnic Fraternity, Colombo, 1995.

"Towards a New Left Politics." In Pravada, April 1995.

"The Ethnic Problem: Issues and Solutions." In Pravada, June-August 1995.

Book Reviews (in Sinhala)

Silva, K.T., Caste, Class and Changing Sri Lankan Society. (Kandy, 1996), in Pravada, 1997.

Andradi, T., Marxism Against Plundering Capitalism: A Comparative Historical Analysis (1993), in Pravada, October-November 1993.

Dissanayake, W., Left Movement in Sri Lanka:An Analytical Approach (Education and Research Institute for People's Action, Colombo, 1992), in Pravada, December 1992.

Dharmasekera, G.I.D., The Burning World and Vishvatharaism (Chinthana Parshadaya, 1991), in Pravada, May 1992.

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