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Curriculum Vitae Muridan Satrio Widjojo

Personal Details

Date of birth

4 April 1967

Place of birth

Surabaya, Indonesia

Nationality Indonesian
Phone office  
Fax office  
Mail address

P.O. Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands



Leiden University, The Netherlands

Period 2003-2006
Degree Ph.D. Candidate


Leiden University, The Netherlands

Period 2002
Degree Advanced Master


University of Indonesia, Jakarta



Degree Master of Arts



French Department, University of Indonesia, Jakarta



Degree Bachelor of Arts

Language and History of Civilization


Work Experience

Human rights and social affairs



Member of Board of Directors The RIDEP Institute (Research Institute for Democracy and Peace), Jakarta, Indonesia.


Participant at the "Consultative Meeting on the Formation of a Regional Partnership for Southeast Asia" held by Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD), Quezon City, Metro Manila, 8 December 2000.


Member, Inquiry Committee on Human Rights Violation in South Kalimantan, National Commission on Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM).


Member of the team for the evaluation and mediation on Freeport versus Amungme Tribe Disputes, Timika, Papua Province, Indonesia.


Sub-team leader on social cultural issues in Social Audit Team on Freeport Indonesia, Labat-Anderson Inc., Indonesia


Academic Presentations

"Papuan Raiding Enterprises in the Moluccan Waters of the 18th Century." The 3rd Annual TANAP Workshop, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China, October, 2003.

"Charisma, Spices, and Guns: The Strategies of Prince Nuku against the VOC in the End of Eighteenth Century." The 2nd Annual TANAP Workshop, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, October, 2002.
"Local Practices of Conflict Resolution in Timika, Papua." The 2nd Regional Workshop on Culture and Conflict Resolution, Southeast Asian Conflict Studies Network, Davao City, Philippines, November 2001.

"The Strategies of Indonesian Student Movement ." Workshop on Southeast Asian Studies, Democracy Projects, Denpasar, Bali, 9-14 January 2001

"The Military Dual-function in Papua in the era of New Order Regime." Simposium dan Lokakarya Internasional : Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia (International Symposium: Indonesian Journal of Anthropology),  Makassar, Indonesia, 1-5 August, 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Student Movement 1966-1998: A Search for a Form."Kongres Ilmu Pengetahuan Nasional (National Congress of Science), Jakarta, 1999 (together with Soewarsono). (In Bahasa Indonesia)
"Empowerment of Indigenous People: Infrastructure for the Political Awakening of the Irianese." Semiloka Aspirasi Masyarakat Irian Jaya dan Pembangunan Nasional dalam era Reformasi (Seminar on the Aspiration on Irianese and the National Development in the Reform Era), sponsored by Reconciliation Forum of the People of Irian Jaya (FORERI), Jayapura, Irian Jaya, 19-20 November 1998. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Consolidation of Indigenous People in Irian Jaya." Diskusi 35 Tahun Pembangunan Irian Jaya: antara Pengalaman dan Kenyataan (Discussion on the 35th -year Development in Irian Jaya: between Experiences and Facts) , YLBHI, Jakarta, 31 Agustus 1998.

Selected Publications

Articles in scientific journals (in Bahasa Indonesia)

"Empowerment of 'Other' Societies in Timika Irian Jaya." In Analisis CSIS, Tahun XXVI, No. 3, May-June 1997.

"Sili, Rumah Sehat, dan Sili Model: criticism on the changes in traditional housing of the Baliem Dani in Irian Jaya." In Penduduk dan Pembangunan, Tome VI, No.2-3, LIPI, May-September 1995.

"Yaman, Metek, Apisan : the structure of leadership of the Baliem Dani in Irian Jaya." In Masyarakat Indonesia, Volume XXII No.1, August 1995.

Selected books and chapters in books (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Bahasa dan Kekuasaan Orde Baru (Language and Power of the New Order), LIPI and Yayasan Obor Indonesia, Jakarta 2004. (co-author)

Penakluk Rezim Orde Baru: Gerakan Mahasiswa 1998 (The Conqueror of the New Order Regime: Student Movement 1998). Sinar Harapan, Jakarta, 1999. (Editor and co-author)

"Resistensi Orang Kenek di Sampang, Madura" (The Resistence of Orang Kenek in 1997 General Election). In Syamsudin Haris, Kecurangan dan Perlawanan Rakyat dalam Pemilu 1997 Yayasan Obor Indonesia, Jakarta, 1998.

"Amungme dan Pembangunan Sekitarnya" (Social Change among Amungme). In Perubahan Sosial Masyarakat Terasing, LIPI, Jakarta, 1998.

Orang Kamoro dan Perubahan Lingkungan Sosial Budaya di Timika, Irian Jaya (The Kamoros and Social Change in Timika, Irian Jaya). LIPI, Jakarta, 1998.

"Pegawai Negeri, Partai Politik, dan Golkar: Studi Kasus Jayapura, Irian Jaya" (Civil Servant, Political Party, and Golkar in Jayapura). In Politisasi Birokrasi: Implikasi Kebijakan Monoloyalitas Pegawai Negeri Sipil, LIPI, Jakarta, 1997.

System Sosial Kempemimpinan dan Pergeseran pada Masyarakat Dani Baliem di Irian Jaya (Social System, Leadership, and the Change in Dani Baliem Society in Irian Jaya). LIPI, Jakarta, 1995.

Selected Articles in Daily Newspapers and Weekly Magazines

"Government needs to change to end Papua violence." The Jakarta Post, 30 August 2003

"Reading the Violence in Timika." Kompas, September 2003. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Between Jakarta and Papua," Tempo, April 2-8, 2001. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Internationalization of Theys Eluay Case." Traces Vol.III/No.1/January 2002

"The Reflection of Papua in 2001: From a Dead End to a Blind Alley." Traces Vol.III/No.1/January 2002.

"PDP Rejects the Politics of Violence." Traces Vol II, No.16/November 2001.

"Ray of hope for Papuans." Traces, Vol II/No. 15/November 2001.

"Political deadlock looms in Papua." Traces, Vol.II/No.14, /October 2001.

"Peaceful struggle from Papua." Tempo, November 20-26, 2001. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Foster dialogue, end violence in Papua." The Jakarta Post, November 28 2001.

"Against the Politics of Violence in Papua." Kompas, June 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Student Movement and the Failure of Democratic Consolidation."  Detak, November 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"A lesson of dialogue from Papua." Gamma, 18-24 October 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"The rites of flag raising in Papua." Kompas, 18 October 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Hope and resurrection." Tempo, 17 October 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Papua's Freedom: A Waiting." Kompas, June 19, 2000. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

"Irian Jaya." Media Indonesia, 28 March 1996. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

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