Lay-out of the Rolls of Qualified Civil and Military Employees, 1701-1787, Amsterdam and Zeeland Chambers

a. Rolls of the qualified civil servants

b. Rolls of the qualified military servants


  1. First name and family name.
  2. Birthplace or place of origin.
  3. Name of the ship on which the employee arrived in Asia. When the voc employee transferred to another ship at the Cape or Good Hope, then the ship's pay ledger of the ship referred to in the muster-roll indicates the name of the ship upon which the employee sailed from the Republic. The ship's pay ledger of that ship contains the information about the career of the voc employee.Sometimes instead of a ship's name 'in service' is noted. This means that that particular employee was born in Asia or arrived in Asia in otherwise than voc employment.
  4. Year of arrival in Asia.
  5. Rank upon entering voc employment.
  6. Monthly wage pertaining to the rank mentioned in column 5.
  7. Year of promotion (verbeterd) or of new employment.
  8. The rank to which the qualified employee concerned is promoted or in which rank he is reappointed.
  9. Wage pertaining to the rank mentioned in column 8.
  10. Name of the person by whom the qualified employee concerned is promoted or reappointed.
  11. Rank in the year of registration in the roll concerned (presente qualiteyt).

Source: F. Lequin, Het personeel van de verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie in Azië in de achttiende eeuw, meer in het bijzonder in de vestiging Bengalen (2 vols; Leiden 1982) 341.

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