Archives created in Asia and South Africa

8. Archives transferred from Japan to the Netherlands

he archives of the Dutch factory in Japan have been very well preserved. They are now in the National Archives of the Netherlands in the Netherlands. The holding covers the entire VOC period, and continues until 1860. The structure is the same as that of the archives of the other establishments. For the voc period the archives consist of two sections: the archives of the opperhoofd (head of establishment) and council, and those of the pakhuismeester (head of the warehouses), book-keeper, and scribe. The latter holding contains protocollen van civiele akten. The archives of the opperhoofd and council consists of series of resoluties, dagregisters, letter-books, and book-keeping. The series of documents referring to book-keeping and trade are very intact compared to those from other establishments. Besides this, the archives display the typical lacunae which occur in many of the archives from establishments: correspondence with bodies other than the Governor-General and Council are only available in a very incomplete state, and there are only a few scant remains of the correspondence with the local authorities. There is a modern inventory of the archives(16).


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