Archives created in The Netherlands

2. Outgoing Documents

he archives of the Amsterdam Chamber and the Heren XVII contain a series of letter-books of outgoing documents to the kantoren (establishments) in Asia (inv. nos. 312-344). Generally, instructions to the subordinate establishments were only passed on through the Governor-General and Council in Batavia. In the series of outgoing documents, the letters to the heads of the subordinate establishments which corresponded directly with the Dutch Republic (Cape of Good Hope, Persia, Malabar, Ceylon, Coromandel, Bengal and, in some eras, China and Surat) are therefore of less importance. The letters to the Governor-General and Council contain orders and reflections upon reports received from all the individual establishments. These letters are divided up into chapters according to establishments, the name of which is noted in the margin. There are also chapters pertaining to general policy in Asia. The letter-books also contain decisions passed in the Dutch Republic concerning matters in the area under charter, for which one will seek in vain among the resoluties. The letters often betray a marked difference of opinion between the Heren XVII and the administration in Asia. In view of the great importance of these letters in the administration of the VOC, alphabetical subject indexes were compiled for them both in the Dutch Republic (inv. nos. 345-349) and in Batavia.

Up to 1642 the letters from the Amsterdam Chamber to the establishments in the octrooigebied have been included in the series of kopieboeken van uitgaande missiven (letter-books of outgoing documents) of the Heren XVII. After 1642 there is a separate series of kopieboeken van uitgaande missiven van de kamer (letter-books of the outgoing letters of the chamber) (inv. nos. 350-354).

In the archives of the Zeeland Chamber just one single register of the letters from the chamber to the octrooigebied has been preserved (inv. no. 7313). It covers the years 1773-1794. Besides this, the archives of the Zeeland Chamber contain a series of kopieboeken van uitgaande missiven to the Heren XVII and to the other chambers. This series is of great importance for an understanding of the relationship of the chambers to one another (inv. nos. 7290-7311).

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