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7. Private Papers

rivate papers often include great quantities of official documents or collections of professional documents(12). Archives of officials like the Brugman Collection contain the ex officio correspondence and other documents relating to the work of the person who formed the archives, whereas the collections of documents originate from documentation collected as background material by VOC officials.

The documents of VOC employees in Asia, which are found in family archives, are usually typical batches of official documents. In contrast, the archives of the directors which were formed in the Netherlands, such as that of the Radermacher family, are typical collections of documentation to which the directors could refer for decisions affecting their policy. The smaller collections of documents often contain both a few official documents such as letters of appointment as well as other personal documents, which have been preserved more for their curiosity value or as memorabilia.

One interesting aspect of archives of officials in private archives collections is that they often present a picture that is only incompletely reflected in the archives of the VOC and its establishments. Some archives of employees show that, in reality, there was a much greater and more varied correspondence carried on than appears from the documents in the official VOC archives.

  National Archives of the Netherlands

The most important archives of functionaries are:

  • Brugmans, P.A. and A., 1612-1870 (advocate of the Amsterdam Chamber; master of the equipage in Batavia)(13);
  • Nederburgh, S.C. (1762-1811) (advocate and commissaris-generaal) and family, eighteenth-twentieth century(14).

Collections of documentation of directors and advocates:

  • Stadhouderlijke secretarie (Secretariat of the stadtholder, 1747-1795(15);
  • Ghesel, Jacob van (1707-1773), 1638-1773 (advocate)(16);
  • Groot, Hugo de (1538-1645), seventeenth century (advocate of the Amsterdam Chamber)(17);
  • Hope, Thomas (1704-1779) and Jean, 1602-1784 (director)(18);
  • Hudde, Johannes (1628-1704), 1602-1703 (director)(19);
  • Meerman van der Goes, Daniël Adriaan (advocate) (1748-1805), 1755-1795(20);
  • Radermacher, family, 1595-1800 (directors)(21);
  • Sweers, Specx, Van Vliet and Mannis, (directors) seventeenth century(22);
  • Vredenburch, Adriaan (1680-1759) and Gerard (1710-1784) van, 1647-1766 (directors of the Delft Chamber)(23).



Directors' archives:

  • Van der Poorten, Josua, and Philip van der Ghiessen, 1750-1751 (representatives of the stadhouder), in the Amsterdam Municipal Archives.

Family memorabilia:

  • Boudaen, Jan (director of the Amsterdam Chamber) in the Huydecoper family archives in the State Archives of Utrecht.

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