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5. Documents kept Separately, partly originally Miscellaneous Documents

ocuments of diverse character, which cannot be retraced to the administration or the archives of a particular department of the chamber, have been brought together in the inventory under the section documents kept separately. Such papers exist only in the archives of the Chambers of Amsterdam and Zeeland. The first part, documents pertaining to the administration in Europe, is classified according to subject: these refer to such things as the legal status of the Company; personnel; ecclesiastical affairs in Asia; relations with European powers; documents dealing with the decline of the Company and proposals for improvements. In the second part, documents concerning the management in Asia, the documents are also arranged according to subject, such as registers of treaties concluded with Asian rulers; and papers concerning trade and personnel in Asia. They include a series of documents arranged geographically, divided up according to factory (inv. nos. 4833-4926 and 11229-11335). These provide a supplement to the overgekomen brieven en papieren).

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