Maps and Drawings

5. The Archives of Hulst van Keulen

s far as the maps of the octrooigebied of the VOC are concerned, the archives of Hulst van Keulen can be considered semi-private. During the nineteenth century the firm of Van Keulen had connections with the navy(95). A large part of its archives was destroyed even before its liquidation in 1885. Frederik Muller mentions a large-scale clearance of 'an enormous quantity of hand-drawn and printed charts and maps' by the new head(96). Presumably he was referring to J. Staats Boonen, who became head of the business in 1823. After the business was closed down, in 1885 its map holdings were auctioned. The remaining maps were probably included among the maps of the ministry of the Navy, which are now in the National Archives of the Netherlands in the Netherlands and was described by Leupe(97).


View of Visiapour (modern-day Bijapur) from the Mandora riverside, Western India; 17th century [Atlas Vingbooms]

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