Maps and Drawings

3. Management by the National Archives of the Netherlands since 1856

he removal of the state archives from the Binnenhof to the Plein (in The Hague) in 1854 was used by the Ministry of Colonies to urge for the handing over of the colonial archives dating from before 1813. This transfer was accomplished in the summer of 1856. According to the official report, on this occasion four chests and one package with maps and drawings were transported from Amsterdam(84).

Besides the collections from the storehouses of the ministry of Colonies, in 1860 the Netherlands National Archives of the Netherlands possessed (a small number) of maps and drawings of the East which had belonged to the archives of the States General and the States of Holland and to several collections of private papers. All these holdings were brought together in the collection 'foreign maps'. In 1863 Bakhuizen van den Brink appointed the retired naval officer, P.A. Leupe, to make an inventory of them(85). Leupe added miscellaneous acquisitions and gifts of charts and maps of the colonies to the collected holdings, so that the most recent maps in his catalogue date from the middle of the nineteenth century. Between 1863 and 1866 the maps and drawings which had been bound in with the Overgekomen brieven en papieren in the VOC and the WIC archives were detached from their volumes and added to the collection of foreign maps. This detaching was unfortunately carried out with only somewhat summary references to the place of origin.

In 1866, the minister of foreign affairs gave permission for the publication of Leupe's catalogue(86). This was the first printed finding aid to a holding in the possession of the National Archives of the Netherlands. A supplement to Leupe's catalogue appeared nearly fifty years later(87). Because of the merging of the map collections of the ministries of the navy and of the colonies during the Batavian Republic and the French occupation, in the 19th century part of the VOC maps ended up in the Ministry of the Navy. The collections deposited and formed there were also described by Leupe(88). This collection can also be consulted in the Netherlands National Archives of the Netherlands.

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