Sections in volumes

A section comprises a series of documents originating from one specific VOC establishment and bound together in one volume.

Often a volume contains documents created in various VOC establishments.
Frequently, these documents are not bound together by establishment, but scattered in the volume. Moreover,
one volume may contain various sections of documents originating from a specific establishment. So after a first batch of records from VOC establishment Persia, you may find some records from Ceylon, then some records from Surat, then a second batch of documents from Persia, and so on.

In many cases each batch of documents, sometimes even every letter and every report, has got its own authentic page numeration. We choose not to change the authentic pagination, as many researchers may already have referred to these authentic page numbers in their publications.

However, references to the authentic page numbers can cause problems, when a volume contains two or more equal page numbers, especially when a volume contains more than one batch of documents originating from the same establishment.

This problem has been solved by adding to the description of each document the name of the establishment where the document was created and an additional section number when a volume contains more than one batch (section) of documents of the same establishment.

Example: when you read in a description: section "Perzië 1" and pages "4-11", you can find the relevant document in the volume on the pages 4-11 of the first batch of documents from Persia.
When you read in a description: section "Perzië 2" and pages "4-11", you have to look up the documents in the volume on the pages 4-11 of the second batch of documents from Persia.

Note: when ordering a copy of a document by fax or e-mail, in addition to the code of the collection (as a rule this is the code number of the inventory), the code number of the volume and the numbers of the pages, never forget to mention the name of the establishment and the specific section number.
Even better: also mention the title (the description) of the document. Otherwise, you may get the wrong pages !

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