The result of your query is a list of descriptions (titles) of documents and the places where you can find these documents.

Note: the Database of VOC Documents does not contain images or transcriptions of the documents. You will have to visit the repository to consult the authentic documents. You can also contact the concerning repositories to order a copy of the document.

The descriptions (titles) of the documents are presented in chronological order. When a description refers to more than one year, you will find the descriptions listed more than once. Of each year, the descriptions are arranged according to repository, then to the fonds code, then the item number, then the section (establishment) in the volume and then the page numbers.

The complete reference to the place where to find the document consists of the repository, the fonds code (the number of the collection or record group), the item number (listed in the inventory), the section within the volume or bundle (establishment and section number) and the page numbers.

Note: in order to avoid mistakes, when ordering copies, do not forget to mention the title (description) of the document too !