A repository is the agency or the institute that keeps the documents.

The VOC documents are kept on various places in the world. You can find profiles of these repositories on the TANAP website.

Each description of a document includes the code for the repository where the document is kept.
Please, refer to these repositories when you want to order a copy of the document or when you want to consult the document.

Up till now, only documents of Nationaal Archief, the National Archives of the Netherlands have been listed in the Database of VOC Documents. However, the 125 inventories of VOC archives in all repositories can be consulted on the TANAP website.

ANM National Archives of Malaysia
ANRI National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia
CTAR Cape Town Archives Repository
NA National Archives of the Netherlands
OIOC British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections
SLNA National Archives of Sri Lanka
TNA Tamil Nadu Archives

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