The pages are the numbers on the sheets in the volume or bundle.

Frequently, the volumes and bundles were not numbered. In these cases we have added on the original documents the page numbers in pencil.

In many volumes that contain authentic page numbers, the VOC did not number the pages consecutively. Often, each batch of documents, each quire, sometimes even every letter and every report, got its own authentic page numbers. Sometimes the VOC used the same page number for both sides of one sheet of paper (recto and verso) or the same page number for more than one sheet (e.g. 17A, 17B, 17C etc.). In other volumes a sheet can have more than one page number (e.g. when it contains two copies of a letter).

As a rule, the Database of VOC Documents has kept the authentic pagination, as many researchers have already referred to these authentic page numbers in their publications. Incidentally, when the authentic numbers of the volumes were too confusing, new page numbers had to be added to the original sheets in the volume.

Note: References to the page numbers can cause problems when a volume contains two or more equal page numbers, especially when a volume contains more than one batch of documents originating from the same establishment. When ordering copies of documents, never forget to mention the section of the volume and the title of the document!
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