Search on geographical names

Geographical names cover all topographical expressions mentioned in the descriptions of the VOC documents, like names of places, regions, countries, rivers, mountains, forts and castles.

The listing does not include references to languages, peoples, tribes, the names of the VOC Chambers (Kamers, the six towns in the Netherlands that founded the VOC), nor names without any meaning for research due to their frequency, like Batavia, Java, Indië, Azië, Afrika, Nederland, Holland and Zeeland.
For the same reason, the listing does not include references to documents when the name of the VOC establishment mentioned in the document is the same as the name of the VOC establishment that created that record.

Searching in geographical names will result in a list of all VOC documents where in the description of the record the selected topographical expression has been mentioned.

Note: Tens of thousands of documents may contain information about the selected place, but when this place is not mentioned in the description of the document, it will not be listed !
Searches in VOC establishments and searches on geographical names are complementary. Use both search options to cover a region !

Note: in some cases, in descriptions of VOC documents regions, etc., are referred to by mentioning the people living there, e.g. 'the territories of the Marathas'. Consequently, these places cannot be found by searching on geographical names. Use free search instead !