Wizard geographical names

The wizard search on geographical names guides you step by step to find your data.

  1. Select one or more characters.
  2. Move the selected characters to the next frame, using the  button.
  3. You are advised not to use the >> button, for this may result in tens of thousands of records, which might lead to a crash of your computer.
  4. Click on next button.
  5. Select one or more geographical names.
  6. Note, that in the 17th and 18th century many names were written in various ways. In absence of a Dutch standard spelling, often people did not discriminate between C and K, or C and S, or S and Z, or D and T, U and V, V and F, I and J, EI, Y and IJ, etc. Moreover, frequently names were written the way the name sounded according to the person who wrote the name down. Besides, in the course of time many of these places got different names. When looking for a name, be creative !
    Note: the database contains the names like they were authentically written in the documents. So all various spellings are included in the list of geographical names. For Thailand, you have to select Siam (and Siams and Siammers and Siamse, etc.) as well as Ziam.
  7. Move the selected name(s) to the next frame, using the  button.
  8. Click on next button.
  9. Select one or more years.
  10. Move the selected year(s) to the next frame, using the  button.
  11. Note, that using the >> button may result in thousands of records.
  12. Click on next button.
  13. You can refine your results with the option 'search within results'.
  14. Use the button  Add to my work folder at the top of your search results if you want to save them in your personal work folder.

Cape of Good Hope has been written as Caab, Caab de Bonne Esperance, Caab de Goede Hoop, Caab van Goede Hoop, Caap, Caap de Goede Hoop, Caap van Goede Hoop, Cabo, Cabo d'Boa Esperance, Cabo de Boa Esperance, Cabo de Boa Esperenca, Cabo de Bon Esperance, Cabo de Bona Esperance, Cabo de Bone Esperance, Cabo de Bonne Esperance, Cabo de Bonnen Esperance, Cabo de Goede Hoop, Cabo de Goede Hoope, Cabo de Goede Hope, Caeb, Caeb de Boa Sperance, Caeb de Bonne Esperance, Caep, Caep d'Boa Esperance, Caep de Boa Esperance, Caep de Bonne Esperance and Caep de Goede Hoop.