How to save your search results

When you want to save your search results, click on:

 Add to my work folder

The use of My work folder is very easy. For those who are not familiar with internet, we give a step by step guidance:

  1. After clicking on this link, you will see a popup screen.
  2. Fill in your login name and password and confirm. If you do not have a login name and password, see the information under 3 - 6. Otherwise, go directly to 7.
  3. You need a personal account to be able to use your personal work folder. So when you do not have this personal account yet, you have to create it first.
  4. To create a new personal account, click on the link at the bottom of your popup screen.
  5. A new popup screen will appear. Choose a login name and a password. To avoid making mistakes, you have to fill in your password twice.
  6. Please, remember your login name and password well or - even better - write it down. If you forget your login name or your password, your search results will be lost. Your login name and password are saved encrypted on our server. Nobody will be able to give you your forgotten login name or password.

  7. You get a new popup screen. Choose the category in which you want to save your search results.
  8. When it is the first time you want to save your search results, you can only save them in the directory called My Folder.
  9. You are able to rearrange your data afterwards when you login in your personal work folder.
  10. You can give your search results a title and a description. This makes it easier for you to find this specific query, when you have saved many other queries (search results).
  11. When you want to consult your search results, click on:

     My work folder

  12. Follow the instructions on the help page How to use your work folder.