Wizard Acrobat Reader

You need special software in order to view and print the text of the reconstructions. The text is presented in so-called pdf-format. You can download free software to read the pdf-files.

If we would have presented the reconstructions in e.g. MS Word-format of WordPerfect-format, you would have to buy that specific software, often even a specific version of that software. The presentation in pdf-format makes it possible for everyone to view the documents for free. Just download one of the free software products available on the internet.

Well-known and popular software to view pfd-files is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Just click on  to download this free software. The website will guide you step by step. This website is also available in Dutch language.

  1. Choose the language you like. Note: the English version is often more current than versions in other languages.
  2. Choose the platform you work on. The platform is the operating system of your computer, like Windows 98, Windows XP, Linux, MacOS 753, etc.
  3. Choose your connection speed (dial-up = modem / telephone or broadband = ADSL, cable etc.).
  4. Your screen will show additional information.
  5. Click on the button  .
  6. You will see a new page. Just click on the button  to download the software to your computer.
  7. Follow the instructions on the pop-up screens to download and install the software.
  8. Once you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader or other pdf-software, you will be able to view and print all the reconstructions of the archives of VOC establishments.