My work folder

My work folder is the place where you can save your search results for retrieval afterwards.

As a matter of fact, you only save your query (search question). When you return afterwards to examine your search results again, our computer server uses your query to generate the search results again using the latest version of the Database of VOC Documents. So when new data have been added to the database, these will be added to your search results too.

You can download your search results to your own computer. You will get your search results in a spreadsheet, so you are able to rearrange your data any way you like. You can also print your search results.

If you wish to save separate queries (search results), you can create categories in your work folder and rearrange your search results.

Note: your search results will be saved six months after the last time you login into your personal work folder.

Note: When you forget your login name or your password, your search results will be lost forever. Login name and password are saved in encrypted format, so we can never reproduce them.